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洛柯 Rojo




Rojo is Scottish by choice though born on a farm in England. His age is uncertain as no birth certificate exists. We believe him to be around 11 years of age.


This is his first international feature film scene. 



(Rojo, Put Your Tail Down, 2020)



This Scene was self directed by Rojo himself for maximum publicity. 


John Nicolson MP was taking part by zoom in a meeting of the House of Commons Culture Committee. Rojo - who demands near constant attention - decided to steal the show with an impromptu appearance. His performance went viral, clocking up millions of views world wide and press attention round the world. 



Rojo was the director.

This is a photo of his human. 

約翰.尼克森議員 John Nicolson M.P.

John Photo.jpg
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