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毛羅‧桑帝尼 Mauro Santini

毛羅‧桑蒂尼(1965年出生於義大利法諾)從2000年開始創作一系列的日記電影,以第一人稱探索時間、記憶以及自我的追尋。其中,《Da lontano》(2002)贏得都靈影展義大利競賽獎項。

他的作品入圍多個國際影展,包含盧卡諾、威尼斯、羅馬、奧柏豪森、韓國全州、巴黎Cinémas Différents、安錫、Rencontres Paris/Berlin、里斯本紀錄片影展、Alchemy、Montpellier、Pesaro等。

2006年他完成《Flòr da Baixa》,2008年參與由法國電影圖書館的La cité des yeux, une saison italienne計畫,該計畫由Nicole Brenez與Federico Rossin策畫,主要研究1968到2008年的義大利前衛電影。

Since 2000, Mauro Santini (Fano, Italy, 1965) has composed a series of video diaries, stories told in the first person about time, memory and the search for oneself.
One of these, ‘Da lontano’, won the Italian competition at the 2002 Torino Film Festival.
He has participated at the international film festivals of Locarno, Venezia, Roma, Oberhausen, Jeonju, Cinémas Différents Paris, Annecy, Rencontres Paris/Berlin, DocLisboa, Alchemy, Montpellier, Pesaro etc
In 2006, he made the feature film Flòr da Baixa and participated in 2008 with different works at “La cité des yeux, une saison italienne”, about Italian avant-garde cinema from 1968 to 2008, which was organized by the Cinémathèque Française in Paris and curated by Nicole Brenez and Federico Rossin.


(First Walk, 2018 ) 16'


Everything began with a flea market and “Les rêveries du promeneur solitaire”.
A night storm and the cat Vadinho did the rest, leading me to the first walk.


I take a walk
That leads me rather far and home;
Then, without sound or word
I stand aside.
(Robert Walser)




The walks
“The walks” consists of a series of short films which principle theme is the act of walking for its own sake. There is not a particular destination, but only the pleasure to look, wait and listen, letting yourself be carried by the events: a dreamy wandering made of terrestrial, aerial and maritime paths, in foreign places or in homely situations.

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