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Adriano Leone + Diego Nolte + Diego Casado

《Walking Mr Naranjito》 

2023, colour, silent, 3:15mins, Spain


在馬德里植物園中,利用背包中發現的一些物品進行即興敘事和創造力的練習。在卡米洛·何塞·塞拉大學,冬季植物、一隻貓和一顆非常特別的橘子,在校外教學的一天,與艾斯培蘭薩・戈亞多 (Esperanza Collado) 共同製作完成。

An exercise in improvised narrative and inventiveness built in the botanical garden of Madrid from a few objects found in backpacks. Made in the context of the Camilo José Cela University, winter plants, a cat and a very special orange converge on a class day with Esperanza Collado.



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